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Drunk Driving in the United States



Casey's car, destroyed by an 18 yr. old drunk  driver.


  • Drunk driving is the nation's most frequently committed violent crime. (MADD, 1996)

  • Drunk  driving deaths have reached a plateau.  Preliminary alcohol-related traffic fatality statistics show that 16,652 people died on the roadways in 2001.  (NHTSA, 2002)

  • An estimated 513,000 people are injured in alcohol-related crashes each year, an averageof 59 people per hour or approximately one person every minute. (NHTSA, 2002)

  • An estimated three of every ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related traffic crash at some time in their lives. (NHTSA, 2000)

  • Americans rank drunk driving as their No. 1 highway safety concern. (Allstate-MADD
    survey, 1997)

  • Preliminary research for 2000 shows that alcohol-related crashes cost the public an estimated $114.7 billion annually -- this includes an estimated $63.9 billion lost in quality of life due to these crashes.  (Ted Miller, 2002)

  • The societal costs of alcohol-related crashes average 80 cents per drink consumed. (Ted Miller, 1999)

  • Approximately 1.5 million drivers were arrested in 1999 for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.  This is an arrest rate of one for every 121 licensed drivers in the United States.  (NHTSA, 2000)

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