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TRACE support Video

ABC Decoy Program Video
Casey's Pledge ... It takes a community
TRACE  Enforcement of underage drinking laws
Casey's Trailer  Education and Prevention of drinking and driving
Alcopops Video                     Alcohol Aimed At Youth.  By El Diamante High School
Casey's Law   AB216  What can you do?
The Truth about...Drunk Driving
Law Enforcement Fact Sheet
   Learn about MADD's comprehensive law enforcement plan, which includes funding for
    national safety belt and impaired driving mobilizations.
Higher Risk Driver Fact Sheet
   Learn about the problem of higher-risk drivers and MADD's comprehensive plan, which 
   includes proven solutions to the higher-risk driving problem.
Click it or Ticket... bucle your seatbelts
Shoulder Tap...deterring adults from furnishing alcohol to the underaged
Lynne's  Commendation...
certificate of commendation from California Attorney General Bill Lockyer.
A Mother's Story..
Casey's Pledge  Video...

MADD  Mothers Against Drunk Driving
California Friday Night Live Partnership                                
Building partnerships for positive and healthy youth development.  
Office of Traffic Safety 
The mission of the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is to obtain and effectively administer traffic safety grant funds in the state of California for the purpose of reducing deaths, injuries, and property damage that result from traffic collisions.
The mission of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is to administer the provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act in a manner that fosters and protects the health, safety, welfare, and economic well being of the people of the State.
Office of the Calfornia Attorney General
The Department of Justice works to ensure safety and justice for all the people of the Golden State

CAMY   Did you know?


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