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  Thoughts about Casey
Dear Casey ...KC... Case:

Do you know what is was like to walk in a room and be seen by you?
To see your face light up?
To see your impish smile?
To see your body charge up with loving energy?
To feel the excitement of the connection?
Have you any idea how welcoming and warm and loving your gaze felt?

Do you know how much happiness you brought into our lives?
Remember staying up late in a hotel room, eating massive amounts of junk food, talking until 2:00 in the morning…knowing we had to be up in a couple of hours?
Remember the drive back from Teenwork…singing and dancing in the car?
Remember hanging out with Pete, each of us on his arm, getting another "life lesson"?
Remember the talks in my mom's office, catching her up on our "news"?
Remember seeing each other at swim meets, as competitors…but never letting it get in the way of the excitement of seeing each other?
And, oh, do you remember, decorating the entire ballroom for the talent show and complaining that our fingers would fall off from tying so many balloons?
Have you any idea how much fun it was to be with you, as you drew out the very best in us?

Do you know that we aspired to be like you?
To be cheerful under the most adverse circumstances?
To take risks…to be afraid…and it do whatever it was, because it was worth doing?
To have such a positive lens on the world?
To rise above pettiness and do what you believed was right?
To be so playful and fun and let loose with a giggle that charged a room?
Have you any idea that the essence and spirit of YOU inspired US?

Do you remember how hard you worked?
How you studied and prepared and practiced for public presentations?
How you competently presented before boards, state organizations, large adult audiences and before hundreds of your peers?
How you worked to communicate your energy, your ideas, your vision?
Have you any idea how much in awe we were of your presence and grace?

Do you remember the stories you told about your Mom and Dad and Chris and Kyle and Kellie?
That your mom was your partner? Your guide? Your friend?
That your dad was your guardian angel, your safety net?
That Chris and Kyle and Kellie were your anchors and gave your joy and happiness beyond words?
Have your any idea how amazing you are in their eyes and hearts?

Do you know how much you modeled working and playing in Partnership?
That to work with you was so much fun?
That to explore ideas and create solutions with you was so invigorating?
That to take risks and push limits felt so right?
That it was easy to trust you because you were always trustworthy?
Have you any idea how much you taught so many of us?

Do you know the legacy you have left behind?
To have before us such standards of character, and wisdom and commitment?
To know that you lived for ideals that you believed in passionately?

That the circumstances of your death will remain forever as a constant reminder of your life's purpose?
To be so young and have contributed so much?
Have you any idea how hard we will humbly attempt to keep your spirit and memory alive by living our lives as an example to the principles you held dear?Oh, dear Casey, do you know how much better off we are because we knew you?
Have you any idea how much you will be missed?

We send to you our love as a mom and daughter
As partners in our life's work
As you have been a partner with your mom, your family, your friends, your colleagues and   your community.
We will remember you!
And carry on, with so many others,...FOR YOU1
And, we promise to "dance like nobody's watching."

With deep and abiding love and highest regard,
                                 Egin and Peggee

all of us at the San Luis Obispo County FNL are deeply saddened by this news. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help during this difficult time. We wish to send Lynne our condolences. As hard as this is to write, I wanted to let you all know how sad the news of Casey's death has been for the staff in San Luis Obispo. We are obviously wrestling this morning, like all of you, with this tragedy. But we are also celebrating the fortune we had to have Casey join our office for a brief time as she embarked on her college career in our County. Casey's energy, enthusiasm, and dedication affected not just our staff, but many young people of our community. We grieve for Lynne and her family. We grieve for Casey's peers. We are holding each other up today...more committed than ever to continue our work. We join all of you in your sorrow.

Frank, Teya, Jeremy, Kim, and Katy, San Luis Obispo
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My thoughts are with you and I am sending this hug and my love via this note. Thank you for so eloquently articulating your sensitivity, caring and commitment. You are wonderful people and I know the time Casey shared with you was as inspirational and meaningful to her as it was to you.

All my love,
Brenda, Santa Cruz County

To my friends in FNL- I'm here in a hotel in Boston at the Alcohol Policy Conference and trying to absorb the shock and disbelief. SLO folks my heart goes out to you and for your sadness and loss. I too am trying to hold Lynne and her family in my heart and know their pain must be so unbearable at the loss of Casey. I'm so very sad for them and hold them in my prayers and thoughts.

We all were so blessed by her in so many ways. Her indomitable spirit, her kind heart, her gentle compassion and her youthful exuberance, just to name a few. The web that was responding and reacting today is a true testament to the way this young woman and her Mom touched each of us. I know Casey's spirit will live on and know how lucky I was to get to watch her grow in our system . I was always inspired by her grace and vision. Surely this apple did not fall far from her mothers tree.

So thanks for your eloquence and thoughts. CFNLP thanks for connecting people and I wish each of you peace and healing. Reach out to a young person, kiss your kids and remember our work is ever important in this vulnerable and complicated world. Much love to each of you

Maureen A. Sedonaen, Executive Director
Youth Leadership Institute

I'm terribly, deeply saddened by this. All I can think of right now is her smile and her laugh when we last spoke, Casey was a beautiful person inside and out.

Stephanie, CFNLP

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